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Request! [Sep. 23rd, 2010|07:58 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Cosplay


Hello!  This is cross posted to ffcosplay  so my apologies if you've seen this twice! 

I am requesting help ordering a wig I found!  I hope to go as Aqua from Birth By Sleep in November, and I found what I thought was a GREAT wig: http://www.otamap.net/SHOP/alf007rbbk.html  However, I don't... understand anything on that page /FAIL.  So if anyone is able to tell me the wig specifications, and help me order it


If anyone knows of some good places to order an Aqua wig for around the same price if not cheaper, I would be SO thankful!

Thanks so much! :]

Thank you so much to kuririnchan for helping me with the site!  It looks like they don't ship to Canada though, so!  If anyone is able to recommend a commissioner to make something like the wig above, or a place or person that is really good for wigs, that would be wonderful!  Finding a blue short wig is harder than I thought! D:

Thank you!  Again!