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Rip in my OrgXIII Coat! What should I do?! D: - Kingdom Hearts Cosplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Rip in my OrgXIII Coat! What should I do?! D: [Jul. 15th, 2010|01:23 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Cosplay


Hello everyone! I recently wore my Organization XIII coat to a con for the first time. When I got home, I realized that the parts where the top of the pockets meet the seams had rips about 5 inches long. Here are some pictures:

I've circled the area of the coat in which the rips are (keep in mind there is one on each side of the coat:

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to mend the rips? I really love this coat and spent a good deal of money on it...the website from where I bought the coat says it is made from artificial leather.

My first thought was to whip-stitch them but I feel like that might look bad/not hold up for long...

Anything would help! Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Made thumbnails smaller so I didn't take up the whole page ^^;

EDIT#2: This coat is lined. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.

[User Picture]From: mightybutsmall
2010-07-19 12:52 am (UTC)
I'd totally try the superglue way but the jacket is lined D: Sorry I didn't mention that.

As for the stitching method, I'm going to wait a bit because I mentioned the rips to the local tailor and she insisted I bring it in to her ^^; If she decides that there's nothing she can do I'll make a final decision between these methods, they both seem well thought out.

One question about the super glue: since it is lined, would it make more sense to lay it flat and apply the super glue to the lining first and then press the pleather against the lining?
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[User Picture]From: shinigami81383
2010-07-19 02:44 am (UTC)
Honestly I wouldn't since sometimes the lining moves. If anything I would slide a piece of fabric inside (a twill preferably) and then do the same thing.

That is of course depending on what the tailor says.
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[User Picture]From: mightybutsmall
2010-07-19 03:13 am (UTC)
Ah, that's a good idea.

I'll let you know when I've taken it. I might be able to do it tomorrow depending on how late they're open...
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