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Rip in my OrgXIII Coat! What should I do?! D: - Kingdom Hearts Cosplay [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Rip in my OrgXIII Coat! What should I do?! D: [Jul. 15th, 2010|01:23 pm]
Kingdom Hearts Cosplay


Hello everyone! I recently wore my Organization XIII coat to a con for the first time. When I got home, I realized that the parts where the top of the pockets meet the seams had rips about 5 inches long. Here are some pictures:

I've circled the area of the coat in which the rips are (keep in mind there is one on each side of the coat:

Does anyone have any recommendations as to how to mend the rips? I really love this coat and spent a good deal of money on it...the website from where I bought the coat says it is made from artificial leather.

My first thought was to whip-stitch them but I feel like that might look bad/not hold up for long...

Anything would help! Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Made thumbnails smaller so I didn't take up the whole page ^^;

EDIT#2: This coat is lined. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier.

[User Picture]From: mugieloo
2010-07-16 05:02 am (UTC)
Is it the seam or has the pleather pulled up from the backing? I can't really tell from the pictures. If its the pleather pulling up from the backing there's no awesome way to fix it, if its just the seam just put the peices back together and sew as normal.

As it appears to me, its the backing issue. But what shinigami81383 said essentially, that's probably going to be your best best, you will probably have to do routine maintenance sicne pleather is a very fussy beast, but just be gentle with it and it shouldn't rip any further.
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[User Picture]From: mightybutsmall
2010-07-19 12:47 am (UTC)
It is the backing, you are correct. I'll be very gentle with it from now on >.>;
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